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CRF seeds Asia Distress Fund

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

As the Creative Resistance Fund further develops, we will continually look for ways to distribute decision-making and resources to trusted partners in regions where we work.  Often times emerging artist residencies are the most interested in providing Creative Safe Haven to culture workers, writers, and dissidents in need of accommodation during a critical period.  At the same time, emerging initiatives are usually fueled by the volunteerism (blood, sweat, tears) of their founders, and may need financial capital to match the social capital they present.  A couple years ago, freeDimensional started the Emerging Art Space Support Initiative (EASSI) to get to know the needs and possibilities of working with new and emerging spaces around the world.  One such space, Sangam House, a literary residency that happens in different locations around India told us of their plan to start a rolling fund for inviting writers from the region who are facing adverse conditions due to views expressed in their work.  As a follow-up step to EASSI, the Creative Resistance Fund has made a financial contribution to Sangam House and their Rolling Fund.  We look forward to learning from this process and gaining insight from Sangam’s experience that will help us to make similar investments in partner organizations elsewhere in the world.  We also plan to support Sangam House in the further development of their fund.

Building up to a Fund

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Before we ever thought about developing a mobility or strategic opportunity fund at freeDimensional, we had several experiences that showed us the utility of quickly dispersing small amounts of money to artists, activists and journalists (all culture workers in our eyes).  Alicia Marván, founder of Guapamacátaro, an Interdisciplinary Residency in Art and Ecology in Michoacán, Mexico, wanted to make sure that she could invite Mexican artists to join an international roster of guests.  So, in 2007  freeDimensional gave Laura Silva Cervantes (pictured here), a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Oaxaca, a fellowship to participate in Guapamacátaro’s thematic residency focused on place and community.  Also in 2007, freeDimensional responded to an urgent call from The Rory Peck Trust for support to Lamin Fatty, a journalist from The Gambia, who quickly needed a place to stay for two weeks while long-term plans were being arranged.  freeDimensional provided a Creative Safe Haven residency to Fatty at a partner center in Dakar, Senegal; and it was understood that – due to recent trauma – he would need to be cared for, fed and oriented by staff of the art space.  In this situation, it was necessary to offer a small daily stipend to Fatty so he could pay for the essentials and build up his strength to make another move.  And in 2008 we saw an opportunity to help Darfuri Peace Singer, Abazar Hamid, begin performing again after he moved his family from Sudan to Cairo, Egypt.  All three of these experiences were building blocks that helped freeDimensional (build a case for and) develop its Creative Resistance Fund.